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Children in Yemen are steps from death

Children in Yemen are steps from death

Salam guys,

Mona Relief's team conducted a survey in the capital Sana'a recently targeting the families who their children have Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). The result of our survey was unbelievable and for I didn’t except that children living in my country just steps from death.

I'm so sorry to share with the pictures of the children that I have seen during our survey. Those children are only skin and bones.

The number of children who were included in our survey are 156 only in the capital Sana'a and they actually needs our support. And we decided at Mona Relief to continue supporting the families of those children for the next six month. I'm here appealing you to continue supporting those families by donating generously to feed those families.

I will update you as soon as possible about where your donations were spent.



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