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Mona Relief  delivered 100 families in Sana'a food aid baskets

Mona Relief delivered 100 families in Sana'a food aid baskets

Days after Mona Relief receiving an appeal from families in Rayshan area of Bani Matter district west of the capital Sana'a to help the most vulnerable families living in because they are very poor and they are in dire need and they didn’t receive any king of assistance from any local or international NGOs in Yemen.

Mona Relief's team on August 18, paid a visit to assess the real situation. As a matter of fact, what we have seen is not acceptable people actually need everything and they are not able to feed their families like many other families in our country Yemen.

Today our team was able to reach out most families in this area delivering them the urgent food they need.

Our project today was funded by our partners in Poland Schools for Peace which supported 55 families in this area and Mona Relief's online fundraising campaign in Indiegogo supported 45 others.

Thank you so much to all our donors and backers everywhere.


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Mona Relief is a Yemen Charity with Registration Number: 177/2015

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