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Medicine and hygiene supplies delivered to Aslam Health Center in Hajjah

Medicine and hygiene supplies delivered to Aslam Health Center in Hajjah

December 28, 2018

Mona Relief's team paid a visit to al-Thalouth Health Center in Aslam district of Hajjah governorate and met the Director of the center Dr. Makkiya Mahdi.

During the meeting, Makkiya briefed the team on the role of the center in treating and healing the cases of malnourished children despite the limited resources.

Makkiya talked about all challenges and obstacles that facing the center, confirming that the center receiving at least 26 children weekly who they are severely acute malnutrition (SAM) while the center only can receive 16 children due to the lack of beds and rooms and the center is struggling to provide them all care that they needed due to the limited resources.

She said that even if with the current support to the center by the International NGOs working in the health field but that still very low especially, those INGOs are not supporting all sections in the center with the needed medicine. Adding that all INGOs are not accepted cases of children who their age above the 5 years, affirming these children are neglected despite that they need all kind of assistance.

"These kind of children need to be healed and we must take care of them because they are human being and no matter if their age not under the five years", Makkiya said.

Makkiya described that the situation in Aslam district as a nightmare due to the daily increasing need of the most vulnerable families who have nothing to afford their families' members.

"The situation in Aslam is very bad, but there is also other districts within the Hajjah governorate is worse than the situation in Aslam such as al-Mahraq, Khayran and Kushar areaas,'' she added.

For his part, Mona Relief's team confirmed that that will Mona Relief will continue supporting the center by providing the center with all suitable supplies that they need in order to help to alleviate the suffering of children and families there, promising to increase the level of Mona Relief's support to the center especially in the field of health.

During the visit, Mona Relief's team delivered the center some medicine and hygiene supplies to the center funded by our Mona Relief's online fundraising campaign.

Pictures here are taken today during our visit to the center and showing the real situation of malnourished children.


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