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Jewish minority members in Sana'a receive food aid baskets from Mona Relief

Mona Relief's team delivered today Jewish minority members in the Yemeni capital Sana'a their monthly food aid supplies. It is the eleventh time the organization has provided aid to the tiny Jewish community that remains in Yemen, as part of the NGO’s wider humanitarian relief projects.

The donations began in 2016 when a journalist alerted Mona Relief founder and CEO Fatik al-Rodaini about the poor conditions in which the Jewish community was living. Mona Relief's team visited the families in December 2016, and met with their leader, Yehia Yousef. Several days later Rodaini reached out to the community with food packages, blankets and hygiene kits funded by the NGO’s online fund-raising campaign. And since then Mona Relief delivering Jewish members almost their monthly food aid baskets.

Our project today was funded by Mona Relief's online fundraising campaign.

Each food aid basket contains 25 Kg of wheat, 5 Kg of sugar, 5 Kg of rice, 2 litters of cooking oil, 1 kg of milk and 2 kg of lintels.


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