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Monareliefye.org distributes 100 food aid baskets in Sana'a

Based on a fund provided by International Committee for Aiding Yemen and Ending the War.

Monareliefye.org has finished today delivering IDPs fled from Hodeidah in western Yemen to the capital Sana'a 100 food aid baskets. Each food pack contains, 25 kg wheat, 5 kg sugar, 5 kg rice, 2 litters Cooking Oil and 1 kg powdered milk. Due to ongoing fighting in the Hodeidah city in western Yemen, which forced almost 35000 families to flee the scene of conflict. Most families in the city are very poor and they can't afford their families' members daily basic needs and after the fighting there they fled to the capital Sana'a and now they are living in a very bad condition. More than 600,000 people live in and around Hodeidah, according to the UN, which estimates that at least 35,000 families have fled during the past two months. Three and a half years of conflict have left 22.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, 11.3 of which are in acute need. This increase is driven by a deterioration of the situation in key humanitarian sectors.

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