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Monarelifye.org delivers 500 food packages to most vulnerable families in Hodeidah

Monarelifye.org delivers 500 food packages to most vulnerable families in Hodeidah

On November 13, 2017

Monarelief's ground crew carried out a new mission of helping most vulnerable families in Yemen. Our project this time was in Hodeidah in western Yemen, where there is 100000s families living under the poverty line and they can't find any resource to feed their families.

Our project to feed 500 families with urgent food aid was funded by Ikhwan Thabet Company in Hodeidah governorate.

Our mission this time wasn't easy but it was very hard, due to the complicated situation in the governorate and we spent almost a day trying to find a place to gather beneficiaries in and in order to be able to deliver them the food supply, but no one allowed us do so.

Finally, we resorted to choosing the area of the culture center which was hit this year by Saudi jets, destroying the whole center, forcing all employees there to lose their job.

During our food delivery, we heard several stories which they are reflecting the suffer of most families in the city. Our food supply delivered to families from al-Haly, Al-Hawak and al-Mayna'a districts of Hodeidah. Our volunteers work hard to find these 500 families within the 3 districts of Hodeidah.

Pictures showing you the destructions occurred by Saudi regime in the Culture Center.

Some stories we heard during the distribution process in Hodeidah.

People's needs are high comparing to what we are delivering. if we reached out 500 families with food supply but there is many others couldn't be reached out because our capability is limited and the needs are high in Hodeidah in western Yemen.

"If I have enough food in my home. I won't be here," she says. Most food aid delivered by Int'l NGOs didn't reach out the most needy families. Most people I met during @monarelief's last distribution in Hodeidah complaining and repeating the same.

Another woman told her story.

"I have got this bread from many places today," showing me her bag.

Believe me my son if I have anything inside my home to feed my 9-member family, I won't be now here in front of you begging u 2 help me.'' We are not able to continue. she says Hodeidah.

Once before happened in front of me and today the same thing has repeated again. People in Hodeidah in western #Yemen are hungry and they are fighting each other to get food. That is unfortunately, is completely true but could hear their voice.

The story of people in Hodeidah saying that there is many and many families who they don't have any idea how to get food to feed their children, I have seen many people begging to just get anything from the others. #Yemen

Here is one picture of many others pictures for the destructions committed by Saudi regime in #Yemen

Pic taken by @monarelief during food aid delivery funded by Ikhawn Thabet Group and carried out today at Culture Center in Hodeidah governorate in western #Yemen


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