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Mona Relief delivers 200 students in Wadi Ahmed area school backs funded by Kuwaiti donor and the NG

Mona Relief delivers 200 students in Wadi Ahmed area school backs funded by Kuwaiti donor and the NGO’s online fund-raising campaign

November 8, 2017

Monareliefye.org has distributed today 200 school bags to orphan and IDPs students in al-Mutnabi and al-Manar schools in Wadi Ahmed area in the capital Sana'a.

Our project was funded by an anonymous Kuwaiti donor along with the NGO’s online fund-raising campaign.

The two schools are located at Wadi Ahmed area, the most populated area in the capital Sana'a with almost 100,000 people there. Most families are poor and they can't get their food easily. The area also full of IDPs fled from many provinces in the country due to the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

IDPs chose to live in this area because the cost of rent for houses there is a little bit low comparing to houses in other areas in Sana'a.

Mona Relief's ground crew decided to deliver pupils there school bags due to the situation of their families who they are not able to buy them, bags, notebooks, pens or anything.

Most families there are under the poverty line and they can't provide their children daily food.

As we started distribution school bags to pupils in al-Manar and al-Mutnabi schools, we noticed that each class contains from 80-130 students comparing to the other schools in the capital Sana'a. However, the reason behind that is that there is only two schools in that area which are very close to all students living within.

The huge number of students in the Wadi Ahmed area reflects the suffer of students in each class. We have seen students keep standing all time of his studying day, some other sitting on the ground as others sitting on windows of their classes. Even if there is empty classes, there is enough chairs for all students and if there is chairs and classes, there is a lack of teachers to learn them.

Pictures here taken today by Mona Relief during school bags distribution showing you the real situation of education and students in Wadi Ahmed area in the capital Sana'a.

Facts about education in Yemen

Millions of children out of school and scores of teachers unpaid - At least two million children, nearly 27 per cent of school-age children are out of school, according to UNICEF. More than 1,690 schools are currently unfit for use due to conflict-related damage, hosting of IDPs or occupation by armed groups. About 2.3 million children need support to access education, including 1.1 million in areas that are acutely affected by conflict. Months of unpaid salaries have aggravated matters. More than 166,000 teachers have had problems receiving their salaries since October 2016 - about 73 per cent of the total number of teachers in Yemen.


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