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Press Release by Mona Relief Yemen

Press Release by Mona Relief Yemen

October 31, 2017

I am posting a first proof that Mona Relief has been stolen. As I am not in the UK, I didn't know much about registering a charity and the cost of it. when realizing that we were stolen by a group of so called "activists and lawyers" and we made a bit more research, I realized that the invoice sent to me was altered.

Picture on the left is the fake invoice as the picture on the right is the real one. Unfortunately, the theft was worse than that as me and my team kept on digging.

We of course contacted the police, the fraud unit, first formations and more. I can't tell you how much devastated we were knowing that all this money which was supposed to help Yemenis was not reaching us. We have wasted so much efforts on this case.

3 days ago we discovered that after the fraud attempt was back. The fraudulent website appeared on internet (http://monarelief.org ) using Mona Relief's name and charity number as a trying to bypass us to extort money to people. The investigation is undergoing but I decided to share this evidence to protect the good people and donators of Mona Relief Yemen.

There have also been several campaign going on the internet in the name of Mona Relief. The only campaigns Mona Relief Yemen has done are those that can be found on Indiegogo, and one authorized on gofundme by "Alistar". The rest are scam.

I hope that this message will not affect the reputation of Mona Relief. Our ground team in Yemen continues to do the best we can.

Fatik al-Rodaini

Mona Relief Yemen

Founder and CEO

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