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107 families in al-Raha area in Hajjeh received food aid packs from Monareliefye.org

107 families in al-Raha area in Hajjeh received food aid packs from Monareliefye.org Hajjeh September 28, 2017 Funded by an anonymous Kuwaiti donor along with others Mona Relief's was able to reach 107 families living in al-Raha area of Kuhlan al-Sharaf of Hajjeh in northern Yemen. Those families are in dire need of every single thing, no enough food for everyone, no clean water and no electricity in the area. People as we have seen suffering a lot due to the current conflict in the country. The distance to reach this village from Sana'a is almost 450km and the time that you need to spend to reach area is 8-10 hours. @monareliefye's crew put their lives at risk due to the very bad road led to the area along with other obstacles and difficulties to reach that area. The only thing that we could deliver to families there is only 107 food packs to few families; however, that there are many other families not only in this village but also in and around villages also are in bdire need for everything. We hope at monareliefye.org to help all families but our capability is less than to do so. Facts Over 80% of the country's population is in need of help, and the number is only growing. According to the UN, 3.1 million people, with nearly half of them children, are internally displaced, living under deteriorating conditions with nothing but a few belongings. Yemen's already weak infrastructure is being destroyed at the expense of its civilians, making even the most basic necessities hard to obtain. Because of the crumbling health system, thousands of children are dying from preventable diseases, which are linked to malnutrition. According to a recent UNICEF report, the rate of severe acute malnutrition has tripled between 2014 and 2016 to 460,000 children. 18.8 million people in dire need of humanitarian aid.

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