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Delivering blankets, food aid baskets and clothes to IDPs in San'a

December 2-16, 2015

During December 2- 16, 2015, the organization was able to delivered IDPs and poor families with blankets, clothes and food aid as follows;

-On December 2nd distributing blankets at Bani Hewat and Sawan areas of the capital Sana’a.

-On December 3rd distributing blankets at al-Tahrir area of Sana’a.

-On December 5th distributing blankets at Shamlan area.

-On December 6th distributing blankets at Jader area.

-On December 7th distributing blankets at al-Jeraf and Mazada areas.

-On December 8th providing blankets and food aid to 27 households to IDPs at the Educational Channel Center.

-On December 9th distributing blankets and food aid along with clothes at Madhbah, al-Suninah and Faj Attan areas.

-On December 10th distributing blankets and clothes at Hadda area.

-On December 12th distributing blankets at Bani Hewat area.

-On December 14th distributing blankets at Qaa al-Qaedhi area.

-On December 15th distributing blankets at Erat Hamdan area.

-On December 16th distributing blankets, food aid and clothes at Jader area.





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