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4 disabled in Sana’a receive wheelchairs as gift from Mona Relief

4 disabled in Sana’a receive wheelchairs as gift from Mona Relief

January 11, 2017

During blankets distribution to IDPs and most vulnerable families by Mona Relief Yemen in Wadi Ahmed area in the capital Sana’a, Mona Relief’s ground crew entered to one of the houses there to deliver them blankets “A house of 9-member family” among this family there is four handicapped people.

As our crew entered to the house to provide help, I stood out in the front of the gate of this house waiting the crew to get out from there, the only thing that drew my attention that there is 4-disabled people laying the ground and eating some bread.

I tried to figure out there story and what they need, I thought that they asked for clothes or other materials but the only thing they requested is a wheelchair for each, I promised them to do my best. Days later I brought them the four wheelchairs they asked. I was so happy to make their simple dream reality.

The four wheelchairs were funded by a Kuwaiti donor.


Pictures taken by @monareliefye on Jan 7, before delivering the wheelchairs


Pictures taken on Jan 11 after delivering the 4 wheelchairs

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